3 Things Make The Best Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments

Whether you’re tight on cash or want to save a few bucks, getting an affordable apartment doesn’t seem like a bad idea. But saving a few dollars doesn’t mean you should let go of a certain quality of life. “Affordable” is much different from “cheap” after all. Visit Cherry Creek to find out what makes for the best affordable Baton Rouge apartments.

Low Price

Of course, these apartments wouldn’t be affordable if they were overpriced. People love to save money on their bills, but nobody wants to sacrifice quality for them. Luckily, you don’t have to when you live with us.

Currently, Cherry Creek offers seven different floor plans for future residents. The lowest price for these begins at $550 a month for the Lambert, a one-bedroom. On the other hand, the most expensive apartment available is our three-bedroom apartment, the Rainier. Beginning at $900 a month, this apartment is still super-affordable and a great choice for any family. When choosing affordable Baton Rouge apartments, no one comes close to Cherry Creek.

Great Location

When living in Baton Rouge, it can be hard to find that perfect place to rest your head. But that doesn’t mean that the perfect place doesn’t exist!

Cherry Creek is quietly nestled in Windsor Place within Baton Rouge. Our location is nearby several schools, such as Labelle Aire Elementary and Belaire High. In addition, Duchess Drive Park is within walking distance for when you want to have a relaxing walk in the park. Having a little buffer from major roads leaves the nights quiet at Cherry Creek. Lastly, being only minutes from several shopping centers and markets ties Cherry Creek together with a nice bow. Give yourself the gift of a perfect home.

Awesome Amenities

One of the first things people consider when searching for apartments are the amenities. While everyone might have one favorite amenity, many agree that there are some they can’t live without.

As a result, Cherry Creek continues to add amenities to our list as time goes on. For example, our apartments come equipped with a washer and dryer in each unit. Additionally, our community amenities include a pool, officer patrols, and much more!

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Contact Cherry Creek For The Best Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments

You deserve the best choice of affordable Baton Rouge apartments. Compared to other apartments, no one comes close to Cherry Creek. Apply online today if any of our apartments caught your eye. Have a question or two for us? Feel free to call us at (225)217-6655 or through our online form. We can’t wait to have you living with us, so make sure to apply before all units are filled!

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