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Our Favorite Local Restaurants and Snack Stops in Baton Rouge

Our Favorite Local Restaurants and Snack Stops in Baton RougeWhether you’re new to Cherry Creek and Baton Rouge, or you’ve lived in the area all your life, we know you’re always on the lookout for new adventures in local dining. While it’s a daunting task to show a little self-restraint in our list of go-to restaurants and snack stops, we somehow brought it down to a standout four. From deserts to late night eats, and exotic and updated takes on timeless classics, we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorite in-town restaurants that are worth leaving your apartment for an indulgent bite to eat.

Ambrosia Bakery

With locals raving about their customized birthday and wedding cakes, homemade chocolates, layered strawberry cake, Mardi Gras king cakes, and so much more, it’s easy to see why this desert haven made our list. But their collection of sweets is only the beginning. Ambrosia Bakery also features a breakfast and lunchtime deli, serving up a savory array of grits, po-boys, hash browns, and fluffy omelets. If you haven’t been here already, there’s never a better time to experience it all firsthand.

City Pork Deli & Charcuterie

One of the more exciting newly minted additions to the local dining circuit, City Pork Deli is the perfect place to get your butcher-quality sandwich fix. With everything from truffle chips to swamp pop, mimosas, gumbo, and even a bit of fig preserve for good measure, this restaurant blends the best of old and new in their far-reaching curated menu. With two locations in Baton Rouge, you’ll never be too far away from their made-from-scratch taste.


Featuring interior design by an award-winning company in New York City, don’t let their contemporary vibe fool you—they’re still committed to being an affordable, approachable, family-run hibachi and sushi joint. There’s no better way to appreciate your meal than getting to see exactly what went into it, and what acrobatic maneuvers brought it to life. If you’re looking for a meal that’s just as delicious as it is entertaining, this is the place for you.

Louie’s Cafe

If you’re an alumni of LSU, you’ll be familiar with the late-night sanctuary this diner provides. Open since 1941, they’ve got years of perfecting the natural healing powers of home-cooked comfort food. From yellow grits to the Big Cheesy Lou and unrestricted rivers of free-flowing coffee, there’s a reason this Baton Rouge essential has stood the test of time. Next time you get back from a late-night adventure on an empty stomach, we recommend refueling at Louie’s Cafe.

So, how did we do in our list? What restaurants or snack stops would you recommend to our newer residents? Be sure to let us know about your favorite place to grab a bite to eat downtown in the comments below! Bonus points to anyone that leaves a magazine-styled review.


Cycling Boost: The Benefits Of Biking to Work This Spring

With the warmer weather, and with summer now just around the corner, you might be looking for more ways to reconnect with the outdoors. You might even be looking for a way to fit in some extra minutes of daily exercise. Though there are plenty of ways you can do a little bit of both, cycling is increasingly becoming one of the go-to ways to take hold of all the health benefits you want, without altering your current schedule all that much. If you live close enough, here are a few of the reasons you might consider bringing your old road bike back to life.

Brain Power Boost

Illinois University recently discovered that the cardiorespiratory fitness from cycling was linked to a fifteen percent increase in brain performance. The reason? The rigor of riding your bike more often help the brain create new cells in the hippocampus—the region of the brain known for memory. It’s also known to help stimulate the areas of the brain that promote both productivity and creative energy.

A Balm For Insomnia

Stanford University School of Medicine conducted a study where they had participants who suffered from insomnia cycle for about twenty to thirty minutes at least every other day. At the end of the study, those same participants took half as long to fall asleep, and spent at least an hour more sleeping at night.

Bypassing The Morning Jam

According to Business Insider, Americans spend almost half an hour driving to work each day on the lower end of the average, with commuting time being almost twice as long in metropolitan areas. Because the average commuting distance is usually right around five miles, cycling to work can sometimes actually end up taking less time to get to your final destination.

More Money In Your Wallet

Though gas prices went down recently, they’ve been just as quick to climb back up to their average rate. On average, the cost of owning a car increased to roughly $8,946 in 2012. For comparison, it usually only costs about $308 a year to keep a bike in working order. And because cycling is so closely tied with weight loss, lower risks of cancer, and heart disease, you also stand to save more on your healthcare bills over time.

Have you been cycling to work already or know someone that has? What stories do you have to share with our residents that are new to biking to work? Be sure to share some of your advice and experiences, and favorite bicycle-friendly routes, in the comments below!