Benefits Of Living At These North Baton Rouge Apts

Most north Baton Rouge apts. will try their hardest to give you the bare minimum with an inflated price. You won’t find any of that here! We at Cherry Creek do our best to provide exciting benefits for our residents. We’re continuously finding new ways to improve the state of our home to improve YOUR home. Because we care greatly about our residents, we offer fantastic deals at an affordable price.

Corporate Housing

One of the special benefits we offer at Cherry Creek is our Corporate Housing option. No matter if you plan to stay a short while or for an extended period, we can give you a lease to sign. To grab hold of this offer, you’ll need to call (225)275-9537 to get in touch with one of our corporate unit lease specialists in our offices.

Preferred Employer, Student, And Military Benefits

Another benefit we offer is our Preferred Employer, Student, And Military Benefits. To qualify for these, your organization has to be a part of our list. If it is, you can be eligible for special benefits and services such as:

  • $150-200 off the first month’s rent
  • No application or administration fee
  • Discounted security deposit
  • And much, much more!

Sometimes work can pay off in more ways than one. Follow our link here if you’re interested to see our list and apply to the best north Baton Rouge apts.

Miscellaneous Bonus Services

There are a few more services that deserve to be mentioned! You see, we’re dedicated to having exceptional customer service. Which is why we offer 24-hour emergency maintenance and an online rental payment system. By using this form you will make your voice heard. However, if you have a dire emergency, please contact the front office ASAP.

Additionally, we often have community events. This is so our residents can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Here are a few images of past events we’ve hosted!

Contact The Best North Baton Rouge Apts

Cherry Creek offers more than our competitors because we care. Ready to visit in person before making your decision. Of course! Fill out our form to schedule a meeting with us. When you do visit, you can find us at 1710 North Harco Drive. For leasing inquiries, please feel free to call us at (225)217-6655. If you have questions for us, please call (225)275-7111 instead. Our office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. For a confidential inquiry, please use our online form to ask us anything. You deserve more—find the best north Baton Rouge apts. for you!

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