Study In The Perfect Apartments Near Southern University

The Baton Rouge Community is quickly swinging back into the school semester and the routines that come with it! As the traffic becomes more congested and your goals shift from leisure to learning, you are going to need an apartment to call home. But don’t fret about finding the right one! Cherry Creek Apartments has the perfect home for you. Our ...Read More

North Baton Rouge Apartments That Make Your Life Easier

It’s difficult to relax at home these days. After work? Doubt it, you may have to pick up your kids from school and prepare dinner. On the weekend? Maybe, but those errands didn’t finish themselves this week. What can a person do when all their time is eaten up by miscellaneous tasks, commute time, and just life in general? Well, you’re in lu...Read More

Looking For Good Apartments In Baton Rouge?

There are so many apartments in Baton Rouge, but none seem to suit your needs or taste. You deserve to have a comfortable, quality apartment that you can actually afford! If you’ve been on the hunt, look no further! Cherry Creek Apartments provides quality, yet affordable apartments in north Baton Rouge. Call today to get one of our apartments w...Read More

3 Things Make The Best Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments

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The Greatest Apartments In Baton Rouge

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Benefits Of Living At These North Baton Rouge Apts

Most north Baton Rouge apts. will try their hardest to give you the bare minimum with an inflated price. You won’t find any of that here! We at Cherry Creek do our best to provide exciting benefits for our residents. We’re continuously finding new ways to improve the state of our home to improve YOUR home. Because we care greatly about our resi...Read More

Low Income Apartments In Baton Rouge

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Finest Affordable Apts Baton Rouge Has To Offer

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Affordable Apartments Near Baton Rouge Community College

Affordable Apartments Near BRCC Life as a student can be pretty overwhelming. Managing school, work, and life all at once can be difficult. That’s why you need someplace close to school to be able to handle it all. As a student, you're going to need to find super affordable apartments near BRCC. That's where we come in.   Location is Key Bato...Read More

Find The Perfect Apartments in Baton Rouge

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