Burger Inspiration: Beefing Up Your Skills on the Grill with These Baton Rouge Creations

What’s more fitting for the warmer months of summer than firing up the grill to whip up a mouth-watering burger? While you might be no stranger to a flavorful beef or veggie burger, you might be looking for ways to add some contemporary ideas to your official grill strategy. Fortunately, NOLA and Baton Rouge feature plenty of gourmet burgers to harness some overdue inspiration. Whether you put these ideas to the taste test yourself, or doctor their recipes to your personal liking, this post will give you the edible muse you need to ascend to burger perfection.Contemporary Beef


Previously known for their food truck burgers, this road-tested restaurant (http://barcadiabars.com/) has installed its newest update in Brian 2.0—and it looks better than ever. Featuring blue cheese with fried shoestring onions and pork belly preserves, all on top of a heavenly ground beef patty, their attention to taste will raise your sights to your forthcoming burger goals. But if you stop here, you’re not going to be the champion of summer grills you deserve to be.

Fat Cow

Sourdough bread, heavenly sliced pear, goat cheese, mustard arugula, and an onion marmalade all come together for Fat Cow’s Napa Burger (http://fatcowburgers.com/) . And this isn’t even their most adventurous burger—that honor alone might go to their signature foie gras option. If you want to get a taste of how inventive ideas pair with your favorite shakes, beers, or wines, this is the place to go.

Healthier Options

Bistro Byronz

For those that are looking for a vegetarian option, you’re probably all too familiar with the underwhelming selection at most restaurants. In lieu of fake grill marks and pre-made ingredients, Bistro Byronz (http://bistrobyronz.com/) takes the higher route. Their veggie burger is made in-house, and is topped with a memorable Asian mayo—as well as the always classic tomato and spinach.


While we know that beef is classic, turkey burgers pack in just as much flavor—and with half the guilt. Built with cracked wheat buns, straight-forward grilled onion, and fresh cajun honey mustard, this grilled turkey patty (http://burgersmith.com/) is ripe for customization. The more minimalist of the bunch, there’s all the more room for striking consistency at the grill.

With plenty of choices above, we’re more than confident you’ll be able to find the burger inspiration you’ve been looking for all along. If you end up ordering something else, or sticking with our recommendations, let us know what you think—and what you’ve brought back to the grill—in the comments below!


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