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Affordable Apartments Near BRCC

Affordable Apartments Near Baton Rouge Community College

Affordable Apartments Near BRCC

Life as a student can be pretty overwhelming. Managing school, work, and life all at once can be difficult. That’s why you need someplace close to school to be able to handle it all. As a student, you’re going to need to find super affordable apartments near BRCC. That’s where we come in.  

Location is Key

Baton Rouge Community College is an important staple in our community and has multiple locations throughout the city. The thing is, most BRCC locations are about a 15-minute drive from our neck of the woods. Seeing as the average commute time in Louisiana is 25.4 minutes, we’re confident that Cherry Creek Apartments has just what you need to make your busy life easier.

Affordable And Convenient

The apartments at Cherry Creek were made with affordability in mind. As a student, you could be eligible for our Preferred Employer, Student, & Military Benefits, making your life easier and your wallet heavier. Speaking of students, we’re well aware that going to an off-complex or off-site laundromat can be a gigantic hassle to deal with. Not to mention the gas to get there! That’s why we have convenient in-unit washers and dryers included in our amenities. So you can save your money and use your time for better things.

Additionally, we offer an assortment of move-in specials throughout the year. You won’t be able to find many other apartments near BRCC offering as many deals as we do! To stay up to date with these deals, you can always check out and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Make a House a Home

Safety is a necessity here at Cherry Creek. A regular security detail service is provided by the Baton Rouge Police Department in order for you to feel as safe as possible. We host resident events every other month, most of them focused on children. Although, we know that children and college students could compete for who loves treats more!

Pet- And Family-Friendly

Also, your furry family members are as welcome here as the other members of your family. While living at Cherry Creek, you can have up to two dogs, cats, or birds. There’s even a small handful of dog parks nearby. A few being the Raising Cane’s Dog Park and the Burbank Dog Park.

The Easiest Choice You’ll Ever Make

Can’t wait to get in touch? Call us at (225) 275-7111. Don’t have the time? Go ahead and apply online. Once received, we’ll invite you to come and tour the property. Seeing is believing, after all. But in case you want a sneak peek, you can always glance at our gallery and floor plans before you visit. If we can’t convince you that moving to Cherry Creek is a great idea, maybe some of our residents will!

Go Baton Rouge Community College Bears!

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Find The Perfect Apartments in Baton Rouge

Searching for apartments in Baton Rouge can be a challenge. The options, the prices, and the availability can drive you crazy. Are you in the market for a new place to live? Here are a few reasons we think Cherry Creek Apartments in Baton Rouge is the best choice for you and your family.


Safe & Family-Friendly

We keep it safe at Cherry Creek! The Baton Rouge Police Department provides regular security detail service. Kids will love the pool and the playground. We also host resident events every other month. Many are kid-focused with activities and treats especially for little ones. And our idea of family isn’t just limited to your human children. We’re pet-friendly too, welcoming your dogs and cats! Two- and three-bedroom apartments offer plenty of room—and storage!



We completely understand how difficult it is to find a reasonably priced home. But you shouldn’t give up hope! All the units at Cherry Creek are priced with affordability in mind. Qualifying residents can also receive benefits as students and military members. We have a list of preferred employers as well. To further help with costs, we also offer a variety of move-in specials throughout the year. (Pro tip: Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up-to-date on these deals!)


When searching for rentals, people often say that location, location, and location are the three most important things. Cherry Creek Apartments is easily accessed from major streets. These include S. Choctaw Drive, Sherwood Forest, and Florida Boulevards. Once you move in, you’ll discover more convenient touches. Trash valet service picks up your garbage so you’ll never have to trek out to the dumpster in your pajamas. Our staff is on-site, and we take care of all maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. Apartments are pre-wired for cable too! Leases can be as short as three months, and fully furnished units are available as well.


Cherry Creek Apartments

If the location and perks intrigued you, the next step in the process is choosing which apartment is best for you. Seven different floor plans are available! There are multiple options for one, two, and three bedrooms. Sizes range from 624 to almost 1,400 square feet. Spacious closets and dining areas might exceed your expectations. See what some of our residents say about their Cherry Creek experiences.


Your Choice In Baton Rouge

Click through our photo gallery—you’ll see why it’s easy so easy to love Cherry Creek Apartments. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us! Call Cherry Creek at (225) 275-7111. You can also apply online. We’ll invite you to visit and tour the property and see one of the apartments for yourself. It’s the first step to start picturing yourself here in your new home.  

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Benefits of Living in Baton Rouge Apartments

When you’re settling on the choice whether to live in a house or Apartments in Baton Rouge Louisiana, it’s imperative to consider the upsides and downsides of each. Contingent upon your circumstance and your way of life, there might be a reasonable decision (for instance, an impermanent apartment for a student or a house for a family with youthful kids). Different times, be that as it may, the choice isn’t so straightforward. Here are a few points of interest of apartment living you might not have considered.

Living in Baton Rouge Apartments

1. Maintenance: – An unmistakable preferred standpoint that tenants have over mortgage holders is that they have no upkeep expenses or repair bills to pay off. When you lease, the community owner is in charge of all upkeep and repair costs. On the off chance that an apparatus quits working or your rooftop begins to leak, you don’t have any money related duty to have these things settled. Property owners are in charge of the majority of their own repair, upkeep and remodel costs. Contingent upon what the repair is, these expenses can be very extensive.

2. Amenities:- Things like a swimming pool, a tennis court, or a fitness center are things that numerous individuals might want in their homes, however will most likely be unable to manage. They’re accessible in our apartments, as the unpredictable proprietor puts a portion of the lease cash into elements that will hold existing inhabitants and draw in new ones.

3. Financial: – The main advantage of living in Apartments for Rent in Baton Rouge is the money related part of leasing. The Lease is by and large less expensive than a home loan. Notwithstanding a general lower regularly scheduled installment, other monetary parts, for example, upkeep and utilities are by and large lower on account of the little space and the general obligation of a proprietor/proprietor versus an occupant.

4. Lower Responsibility: – So far we have talked about cash funds from lease, absence of need to keep up the property and, well that is it. The absence of need to keep up property is a monetary benefit as well as a reliever. Home-ownership accompanies a considerable measure of cerebral pains and issues and choosing to lease will help you dodge these sort of difficulties. Rather than utilizing the “blustery day” reserve to settle the evaporator, it can be utilized for a genuinely necessary excursion to a tropical island.

5. Community: – Other awesome advantages of Apartment Homes for Rent living are the social ramifications of the closeness and associations one creates amid their residency. In spite of the fact that a feeling of group exists in both rustic and rural territories, the nearness of the apartment community life improves the likelihood of making long lasting friends.

6. Security: – Another of the upsides of living in Baton Rouge Apartments is the accessibility of a few layers of security. There is 24 hour security patrol  to watch out for the general population who enter and leave the complex. Some of these elements could be too expensive for mortgage holders.

7. Short-term duty: – If you are searching for a place to live for a brief time frame – for reasons unknown – an apartment is generally the best decision. You can arrange a rent that fits the measure of time you plan to live in the complex ahead of time.

8. Savings: – The money related advantages examined here are entryways to our future. While we persevere through less weight and duty while leasing, this is the fortunate time to put into your future. This can be the start of a brighter budgetary standpoint by putting the cash spared into a “stormy day” account.

Apartments For Rent in Baton Rouge LA

Upcoming in Baton Rouge – January

Cherry Creek Apartments hopes you have the time of your life while you live in Baton Rouge, LA. Here’s what’s coming up this January!

Everyone knows that Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the best places to be to celebrate Mardi Gras, but there are a lot of other exciting celebrations, festivals, and events here for your enjoyment all throughout the year. Before you leave your apartments at Cherry Creek, make sure you’re aware of these events. Not only would they be fun to attend, but knowing about them will help you plan accordingly for traffic!

Click on the name of the event for more information like time, location, and ticketing information.

The Louisiana Marathon
Saturday, January 16 – Sunday, January 17
Celebrate the unique culture and lifestyle of the state with a passion for running. The marathon brings a nationally recognized running festival to the state capital, Baton Rouge. With a multi-race format, there’s something for every runner: kids, couch-to-5Kers, quarter marathoners and serious long distance competitors.

Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
Monday, January 18
The MLK Coalition usually puts on a parade on Martin Luther King Jr Day each year in addition to other events. The commemoration program usually includes representatives from Baton Rouge’s varied faith community, civic and community entities and governmental leaders. We haven’t found a website with the details for the 2016 events so keep your ears peeled.

Krewe of Artemis Mardi Gras Parade
Friday, January 29, 2016
Join the excited revelers as they line the parade route while joining in the festivities and experiencing Baton Rouge Mardi Gras….Artemis style!! Krewe of Artemis is Baton Rouge’s first and only all-female parading Mardi Gras Krewe. Revelers will be treated with themed throws, including the Krewe of Artemis’ signature High Heeled Shoe, along with footballs, tambourines, stuffed animals, float beads and lighted throws.

LSU Men’s Basketball
The Tigers have a number of games at the beginning of the year. There is nothing quite like the college basketball experience, and LSU is no exception. Here are January’s games at the Maravich Center.
Tuesday, January 5 versus Kentucky
Wednesday, January 13 versus Ole Miss
Saturday, January 16 versus Arkansas
Tuesday, January 26 versus Georgia
Saturday, January 30 versus Oklahoma

Baton Rouge Louisiana Apartment Rentals 

The Art of the Museum

Much like Liberty Lagoon, which we covered last month, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum is a spectacular part of Baton Rouge that we at Cherry Creek live near. Since the summer is the perfect time to get familiar with local museums, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight this special place of entertainment and education. You can visit their website here for information, hours, and details about future exhibitions.

Their mission? We’ll let the museum speak for itself: “Louisiana Art & Science Museum seeks to enhance the understanding and appreciation of art and science for general audiences and students by presenting unique, educational and entertaining experiences that encourage discovery, inspire creativity, and foster the pursuit of knowledge.”

Let’s take a quick look at what they have to offer this month! Keep in mind that these are temporary exhibits that will change.

The Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons
Through July 24, 2016
Through the season, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum is taking a look at animation as it has evolved. This is a part of the feature, with a specific look at the Art and animation of Warner Bros. From favorites like Bugs Bunny to Daffy Duck and onwards, take a closer look at these pop culture legends up close!

The Origins of Animation: A Hands-on Exhibit
Through August 07, 2016
Seeing the technology that developed in order to achieve visual effects is a fascinating thing. The Origins of Animation exhibit takes visitors into a detailed history of the magic lantern, zoetrope, the thaumatrope, cartoons, flipbooks, and more. Take a look at some of the first animations ever developed in this fantastic exhibit!

A Universe in Glass: Josh Simpson
Through August 03
The talented artist Josh Simpson captures the universe in these sculptures made entirely of glass. Inspired by the night sky, Simpson has created stunningly colorful works in traditional forms such as vases, goblets, bowls, and platters, as well as a few more unconventional pieces. Make sure to check out this unique showcase today.

Have you visited the Louisiana Art and Science Museum before? Let us know your favorite exhibit in the comment section!

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Just Keep Swimming

Now that summer has returned to Baton Rouge, LA, we can all indulge in the local favorite: BREC’S Liberty Lagoon Water Park. Less than a 10-minute drive from Cherry Creek, the water park is a perfect way to enjoy a summer day. Now that they’re open daily for June, you can go for a swim and more whenever your heart desires. If you’re looking to go often, season passes are now available for $49.99, granting access Monday through Friday during normal operating hours. You can read more about the passes on their website.

Liberty Lagoon is chock full of special events, programs, and features. For 2016, they’re offering swimming lessons and exercise classes. The swim programs are separated into three classes. The first, Baby Bubblers, is for 6 month to 2 year olds. Water Exploration Class teaches anyone 2 to 4 years old, and general Swim Lessons for all ages are offered as well. As for their exercise courses, you can find Aqua Zumba and Water Aerobics taking place through June and July. In addition, if you’ve ever been interested in learning how to kayak, Paddle Up is a program teaching entry-level participants how to safely use and navigate kayaks!

There are also three special events taking place. Movie at the Lagoon Celebration is a late night movie that visitors can attend after hours. Taking place in the “island area” of the park, there will be concessions and room for 600 attendees for the outdoor movie showing. RocketKidz Rookies Triathlon will be hosted at Liberty Lagoon as well, and more information on the organization and competition can be found on this website. And at the end of the season on August 21, the annual End of Summer Dog Pool Pawty will take place, where pooches get to take over the pool for the day!

Have you been to the Liberty Lagoon before? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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Super Salads: Healthy Foods in Baton Rouge, Part 2

Last month we brought you a few healthy options near our apartments here at Cherry Creek in celebration of National Salad Month. We’re here with the second half of our list of tasty (and green!) places to eat at here in Baton Rouge, LA. With a visit to these local favorites, we hope to help change the idea of what eating healthy actually means. You can guiltlessly have your cake and eat it too… especially if your diet outside of that cake is maintained well. So let’s conclude the list below!

Curry N Kabab
Indian food is a staple for many healthy eaters, especially when vegetarian options can be found in large numbers. With a buffet option, getting your fill of delicious curry and kababs at Curry N Kabab has never been easier. Though a limited buffet (mostly to ensure freshness), the provided food is absolutely scrumptious. The chili chicken is a favorite of visitors, recommended by many. The chicken tikki masala is just as great, with complex flavors with great depth. If you happen to visit during a sunny May day, a mango lassi is a perfectly refreshing cure for the heat. The restaurant also brings out fresh naan for diners rather than letting them sit and dine out. Curry N Kaba is a great option for a casual lunch.

Mellow Mushroom
With a bit of a retro vibe inside, Mellow Mushroom provides pizza that’s delicious and still good for you. With options from hummus to caprese salad, there’s something to please anyone and any diet. The ingredients are all natural, leaving you feeling full but not weighed down after indulging in a few slices. While the healthiness level depends on specific choices, Mellow Mushroom provides the options you need to get a bit of leafiness for the day.

And that concludes our healthy local eating feature! Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite go-to salad spots.

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Music and Theatre in Baton Rouge — April

Baton Rouge is known for being the middle ground of South Louisiana cultures and a college town with a sizable international population. The rich Baton Rouge culture brings together some of the best talent there is. Whether you prefer a sold-out arena or the community theatre, Cherry Creek Apartments hopes to direct you to some incredible performances this coming month: the play Don’t Dress for Dinner, a concert by James Taylor, and Pixar in Concert by the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra. Let us know what you’re planning to go see in the comments or come back and write a review after you go!

Click on the name of the event for more information like time, location, and ticketing. Be sure and get your tickets ahead of time!

Don’t Dress for Dinner
April 15 to May 1
Bernard is planning a romantic weekend with his chic Parisian mistress in his charming converted French farmhouse, whilst his wife, Jacqueline, is away. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights, and has invited his best friend, Robert, along to provide the alibi. It’s foolproof; what could possibly go wrong? Well . . . suppose Robert turns up not realizing quite why he has been invited. Suppose Robert and Jacqueline are secret lovers, and consequently are determined that Jacqueline will NOT leave for the weekend. Suppose the cook has to pretend to be the mistress and the mistress is unable to cook. Suppose everyone’s alibi gets confused with everyone else’s. An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed. Just so you know, this show is rated PG-13.

James Tayler
April 18
James Taylor and his All-Star Band are coming to the Baton Rouge River Center on April 18th for one intimate and memorable night! As a recording and touring artist, James Taylor has touched people with his warm baritone voice and distinctive style of guitar-playing for more than 40 years, while setting a precedent to which countless young musicians have aspired. Over the course of his celebrated songwriting and performing career, Taylor has sold more than 100 million albums, earning gold, platinum, and multi-platinum awards for classics ranging from Sweet Baby James in 1970 to October Road in 2002. He has won five Grammy awards and has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame. His most recent album, Before This World, which released last year, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and has been nominated for another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Pixar in Concert
April 23
The Family Pops series of the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra continues with a compilation of the music and imagery from PIXAR’s thirteen feature films performed by live orchestra! Together with the BRSO and Associate Conductor David Torns, you can enjoy this remarkable cinematic journey through such beloved films as the Toy Story trilogy, Cars, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles, and Up, all projected on a state-of-the-art screen above the orchestra.

Please share with us if you have seen any of these shows in the past or plan on it this month. We’d love to hear what you think.

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Cirque du Soleil is Coming to Baton Rouge

Everyone knows that Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the best places to be to celebrate Mardi Gras, but there are a lot of other exciting celebrations, festivals, and events here for your enjoyment all throughout the year. After all, big cities attract big names! Cherry Creek Apartments hopes to direct you to an incredible performance this coming month, specifically Cirque du Soleil’s presentation OVO.

Cirque du Soleil returns to Baton Rouge in April 2016 with OVO, its newest touring show in arenas. The production will be presented at the Baton Rouge River Center April 14-17 for just six performances, as part of a global tour in arenas around North America. Thrilling more than 4.5 million people worldwide since the show premiered in Montreal in 2009 as a Big Top show, OVO will embark on a new journey, performing the same captivating production, but now in arenas, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy a Cirque du Soleil show in their own town.

OVO, meaning “egg” in Portuguese, is a headlong rush into a colorful ecosystem teeming with life, where insects work, eat, crawl, flutter, play, fight, and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy and movement. When a mysterious egg appears in their midst, the insects are awestruck and intensely curious about this iconic object that represents the enigma and cycles of their lives. It is love at first sight when a gawky, quirky insect arrives in this bustling community and a fabulous ladybug catches his eye — and the feeling is mutual.

The cast of OVO is comprised of fifty performing artists from twelve countries, specializing in many acrobatic acts. One highlight of OVO is the stunning Flying Act in which a group of scarabs soar high above the stage, from both edges to the middle platform.

Do you prefer basketball to gymnastics? The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to Baton Rouge on Sunday, April 3. The Harlem Globetrotters have been preparing for their most epic tour in history, as the world-famous team celebrates its 90th anniversary world tour. A star-studded roster will have fans on the edge of their seats to witness the ball-handling wizardry, basketball artistry, and one-of-a-kind family entertainment that thrills fans of all ages.

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Fun Activities in Baton Rouge- February


Everyone knows that Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the best places to be to celebrate Mardi Gras, but there are a lot of other exciting celebrations, festivals, and events here for your enjoyment all throughout the year. Before you leave your apartment at Cherry Creek, make sure you’re aware of these events. Not only would they be fun to attend, but knowing about them will help you plan accordingly for traffic!

Click on the name of the event for more information like time, location, and ticketing info.

Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade

Saturday, February 6

The Mystic Krewe for the Preservation of Lagniappe in Louisiana is a non-profit corporation with the purpose to undertake, develop, support, and operate charitable, cultural, and educational activities to unite all segments of the Baton Rouge community in the promotion of preserving and enhancing Baton Rouge and Louisiana traditions. This year they’ll put on their 36th annual parade. Dignitaries for the parade include Chris Fink, Frankie Moore, and Mary Alice Gray.

America On Tap

Saturday, February 13

The most premium craft beer festival in the country, and the first and only nationally integrated entertainment series for craft breweries, is coming to the Baton Rouge River Center! At the event you can sample over 100 releases from some of America’s best craft breweries. Plus you can hang out in an atmosphere filled with live music, delicious food available for purchase, and great vendors.


Monday, February 22

MUTEMATH is an alternative rock band that formed in New Orleans in 2003 and they’ve been touring the country ever since. The Grammy-nominated band draws heavily from influences in 1960s and 1970s soul, psychedelic rock, and jam band styles, utilizing vintage guitars and amplifiers, as well as Rhodes keyboards, synthesizers, and other electronic instruments such as the keytar. Their music has also been featured on movie soundtracks, notably Twilight and Transformers. Get your tickets today to see them when they come to town.

Please share your comments and let us know if you attend any of these cool events.