Finest Affordable Apts Baton Rouge Has To Offer

As the Capitol, Baton Rouge has a population of more than 225,000 people. That’s a lot of people! And all of them need a place to live. Luckily, Cherry Creek has available and affordable apartments! However, some people might think that “affordable = cheap” and that’s just not the case for us. We just want to give our residents a quality of life that reflects more than the money they put in. Due to this, Cherry Creek has the finest affordable apts Baton Rouge has to offer.

What We Have To Offer

Other apts Baton Rouge has around can’t hold a candle to us. Currently, we have seven different floor plans available for rent. Since they go so fast, it’s always best to call before to inquire about leasing options.

  • Lambert: One of our two one-bedroom apartments. The Lambert is perfect for new or returning college students or those who couldn’t find a roommate. Rent for this apartment begins at $583 a month.
  • Sweetheart: Our other one-bedroom apartment option. As the name implies, this apartment is best for couples looking for an affordable home. Monthly rent for the Sweetheart begins at $593.
  • Satina: The Satina is our only two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment. Because of that, this apartment is perfect for couples that just had their first child. With the price beginning at $724 a month, you’ll be able to use the extra money for diapers and food.
  • Black Stone: Our first two-bed, two-bath apts that we offer to our potential residents. Perfect for small families who’re looking for an affordable and safe place to live. Monthly rent for this style begins at $764.
  • Morello: Our other two-bed, two-bath that we have available for rent. The rent for this apartment begins at $779, which is ideal for parents who want to save money for their children.
  • Napoleon: The Napoleon is one of our three-bedroom apartments available. This apartment style is perfect for a family of four or a gaggle of college students who’d love to split the $900 rent.
  • Rainier: Our largest apartment available! With 1,368 square feet, we offer a spacious living space at a super affordable monthly rate of 940 dollars a month.

Additional Amenities

The amenities we offer have our residents feeling safe, happy, and cared for. So many apartments these days seem to have less and less as the years go on, giving you less bang for your buck. But at Cherry Creek Apartments, we offer our residents more than their money’s worth. This includes in-apt washer and dryer, large closets, and officer patrols for safety. Also, we will be adding more such as a fitness center and community pool in the near future. We plan to add these because we want our residents to have the best quality of life while living with us.

Best Affordable Apts Baton Rouge Has

Cherry Creek knows we have the best apts Baton Rouge has around. It’s nearly impossible to find another apartment for this quality at this price. Want a closer look? You can always book a tour to see how good we look in person. If you’d like to call to inquire about a lease, feel free to call us at (225)217-6655. Maybe you need to call for another reason? Call here: (225)275-7111. If you’d rather skip all the hassle and just contact us online, you can do so here. Cherry Creek Apartments are found at 1710 N. Harco Drive, just off of Florida Blvd. So swing by for a spell! We can’t wait to have you live with us.

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