Looking For Good Apartments In Baton Rouge?

There are so many apartments in Baton Rouge, but none seem to suit your needs or taste. You deserve to have a comfortable, quality apartment that you can actually afford! If you’ve been on the hunt, look no further! Cherry Creek Apartments provides quality, yet affordable apartments in north Baton Rouge. Call today to get one of our apartments while units last.

Quality And Affordability

At Cherry Creek, we pride ourselves on being affordable yet high-quality! Just because you pay less doesn’t mean you should get less.

All our apartments come with the best amenities and make a comfy living space for everyone. Currently, we offer these seven floor plans:

  • Lambert: Our most affordable apartment, the Lambert, begins at $550 a month. With one bedroom and one bath, the 624 square feet is a relaxing size. 
  • Sweetheart: The bigger of our one bedrooms, the Sweetheart is perfect for couples. This floor plan is a cozy 662 square feet and begins at $625 a month.
  • Satina: As our only two-bedroom, one-bath, the Satina is 931 square feet. Beginning at $700 a month, this floor plan is perfect for a pair of pals.
  • Black Stone: The smaller of our two-bed, two-baths, this floor plan is a nice 971 square feet. With a price starting at $700 a month, you’ll feel over the moon!
  • Morello: A two-bedroom apartment never looked so good! The Morello is our largest two-bed, two-bath apartment at 1,033 square feet. The rent for this floor plan begins at $755 a month.
  • Napoleon: The first of our three bedroom apartments. The Napoleon offers three beds and two baths with 1,200 square feet. This cozy space begins at $845 a month.
  • Rainier: Our largest floor plan! With 1,368 square feet, you’ll never be scrambling for space. This floor plan also features three bedrooms and two baths and begins at $900 a month. 

These apartments are affordable for all walks of life. So, treat yourself and save some money when you live with Cherry Creek.

Location, Location, Location

It’s difficult to find perfect apartments in Baton Rouge. Some place near food and schools… and far away from the highway! You see, Baton Rouge is always in the top 20 cities for worst traffic. Nobody wants to live next to the highway, but a majority of the apartments tend to be right on top of them. But not Cherry Creek, there’s enough space to buffer the bustling and noise.

Additionally, no one wants to drive half an hour just to get to the store or to school. Cherry Creek is just minutes away from a number of shopping centers and a block or so away from a handful of schools. You deserve to have comfortable living in your reach.

Under those circumstances, Cherry Creek is placed located in Baton Rouge. Call us today to set up a tour!

Grab One Of the Best Apartments In Baton Rouge

You deserve the best apartments in Baton Rouge. For leasing inquiries, please feel free to call (225)217-6655. On the other hand, please call (225)275-7111 if you have any questions. Our office hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Additionally, you can always contact us online. Apply today and start your new life at Cherry Creek Apartments!

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