Spring is Approaching Fast For These North Baton Rouge Apts!

With the spring season arriving this month to Louisiana, it brings a variety of other things with it. The end of Mardi Gras brings us to pollen, rising temperatures, St. Patrick’s Day, and crawfish season. There is no place like spring in Louisiana, and Cherry Creek north Baton Rouge apts is preparing you for all the things that a Louisiana springtime brings with it. 


Watch for Pollen

As local trees and flowers come into bloom, pollen in south Louisiana is next to unavoidable. As new life sprouts, it is important to be aware of the pollen count day by day—especially if you are prone to allergies. Pollen in Louisiana can be some of the most plentiful in the country.Thus, it’s wise to always be aware of how much is in the air. One thing is for sure: if you park under a tree, your car will be covered in it!


Rising Temperatures

It rarely gets too cold around these north Baton Rouge apts, even in the winter. However, it can drop below freezing on occasion. If you prefer warmer weather, we have good news for you. The average high temperature for March is around 73 degrees, already 10 degrees higher than the January average high temperature. The mild springtime weather in north Baton Rouge makes it the perfect time for outdoor activities. It’s a good thing there are plenty to choose from in the great state of Louisiana. 


St. Patrick’s Day in North Baton Rouge 

There’s no hiding the fact that Louisiana knows how to celebrate. Just because Mardi Gras has ended doesn’t mean the parades are done! The annual Wearin’ Of The Green Parade takes place on a Saturday morning every March and is a premier event in Baton Rouge during the spring season. Cherry Creek north Baton Rouge apts is located in close proximity to the parade route, so do not hesitate to participate in the festivities. Don’t forget to wear green!


Crawfish Season Is Back!

Lastly, we want to mention something that all Louisiana residents look forward to: crawfish. As crawfish gain popularity throughout the southeast and the entire United States, it is an undeniable truth that Louisiana does it best. Baton Rouge is no exception. Crawfish boils gather people together for a unique, shared dining experience. But boiling your own crawfish is not the only way to enjoy them—sometimes you want to enjoy just one or two trays without having to boil your own. Thankfully, there are plenty of places in North Baton Rouge to grab a tray of crawfish to go! Not many other places in the world can boast that amenity. 

If peeling crawfish isn’t for you, Louisiana boasts some of the best seafood medleys anywhere and crawfish are often included. Be sure to enjoy popular dishes like crawfish étouffée, crawfish mac ‘n cheese, and many more delectable mudbug-inspired recipes, especially while they are in season. Make it yourself or dine-in at a seafood restaurant located close by your north Baton Rouge apts. 

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