Start The Year Right At Cherry Creek Apartments In Baton Rouge

It’s no secret that city life never seems to slow down. Especially when it comes to living in apartments in Baton Rouge. Between work, keeping up with family, and maintaining a social life (all while navigating Baton Rouge traffic)—it’s challenging to keep your home clean. Set yourself up for success with a few tips from your friends at Cherry Creek Apartments!

Why Should You Organize Apartments in Baton Rouge?

When the clutter begins to stack up, tension tends to build stress. Think about it—how do you feel when you walk into a store that has all their items in the right place versus a mess that’s hard to walk through? Anyone would prefer the first option! It’s no different from your home. Every day becomes more difficult if you’re struggling to find basic items. All that time wasted causes you to worry and lose focus on other things you need to do. 

Remember: organizing and cleaning are not the same things. Organizing is arranging your items, and cleaning is keeping the items, well, clean. However, if you keep your home organized, it also makes it easier to clean. You have a better ability to clean the hair, dirt, and bacteria from floors and surfaces when you’re organized.

No matter your floor plan, you can start the lease off right by organizing each room. Organizing is especially helpful in the rooms you will use the most—like the kitchen and the bathroom. Luckily, you can pick up any of the organizational items we suggest from a dollar store or supermarket to get started.

How To Cook Clutter-Free

Under Kitchen Sink

  • Cabinet racks to store frequently used items, like countertop cleaners and trash bags.
  • Acrylic drawers to hold sponges and dishtowels.
  • White plastic bins to store less used cleaning materials.
  • A hook and wet bag on the inside door as a miniature towel hamper.

Pantry Cabinets

  • See your inventory of canned goods with stackable racks.
  • Keep everything looking uniform with labeled food storage containers.

Cabinets and Shelves

  • Racks to add space for various sized pots and pans.
  • Shelf organizer for lots of coffee mugs and cups.
  • Stacking wine racks to hold various water bottles.


  • Drawer dividers to separate Tupperware containers.
  • Sectioned trays for miscellaneous items.

How To Tidy Up The Toiletries


  • Three-tiered counter shelves to add space to store items you need quick access to.

Under Sink Cabinet Storage

  • Cabinet caddy that hangs on the door for hair care appliances.
  • Two-tiered drawer to store as much under the cabinets as possible.
  • Take advantage of the bathroom wall space to keep items off the floor and from piling up under cabinets.

Learn More About Cherry Creek Apartments Baton Rouge

Cherry Creek Apartments in Baton Rouge are conveniently located near Florida Blvd. Stop by for a tour of our community and fantastic features. Alternatively, feel free to contact us with leasing inquiries at any time. We hope to be a part of your success here in Baton Rouge!

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