Study In The Perfect Apartments Near Southern University

The Baton Rouge Community is quickly swinging back into the school semester and the routines that come with it! As the traffic becomes more congested and your goals shift from leisure to learning, you are going to need an apartment to call home. But don’t fret about finding the right one! Cherry Creek Apartments has the perfect home for you. Our apartments near Southern University help get you one step closer to your goals.

First Item? Location!

Our location is near downtown Baton Rouge and offers Southern students the best of both worlds. The campus is but a short 20 minutes away, conveniently heading the opposite way of morning traffic. Meanwhile, the Baton Rouge city lights wait for you right outside your back door! 

Don’t Be Afraid, Talk To Your Roommate

So now you have in the perfect apartments near Southern University. Next, you need the perfect roommate! Roommates bring so much fun and excitement to your college experience. Sometimes so much fun, you forget that your priority is to earn your degree. Ensure to keep on track with your goals and set boundaries between you and your roommate. Upon moving in, share your schedules and study habits with one another and keep it on a calendar in the space you both share. It is also helpful to establish quiet times during the week set up study periods. But above all, remember to value one another by communicating your upcoming tests and projects.

Find Your Own Study Space

After talking with your roommate, mutually decide where study spaces are. So if you work best in a lot of noise, make your spot in the dining room where you hear the TV or the sound of cooking in the kitchen. If you prefer to study in solitude, a peaceful view next to your bedroom window may suit you best.

Arrange Accordingly

Since you and your roomie both know your study needs, you’re ready to design your home together to fit it! Not only are our apartments near Southern University, but each of our floor plans provides plenty of space with lots of options to suit anyone. So go ahead—design and arrange your shared furniture with the set study spaces in mind. If you want a little extra motivation, add color pops of blue and/or green in your decorating. Colors are scientifically proven to affect our moods—specifically, blue and green stimulate focus and productivity.

Your Degree Is Right Around The Corner—And So Is Home!

Cherry Creek is the best place for students to study and have fun during their college years. As a Southern Jaguar, you deserve to live in the greatest apartments near Southern University. Contact us by calling (225) 217-6655 or through our online form to schedule a tour. With the fall semester just around the corner, units are going quickly. Secure your spot before it’s too late!

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