Super Salads: Healthy Foods in Baton Rouge, Part 2

Last month we brought you a few healthy options near our apartments here at Cherry Creek in celebration of National Salad Month. We’re here with the second half of our list of tasty (and green!) places to eat at here in Baton Rouge, LA. With a visit to these local favorites, we hope to help change the idea of what eating healthy actually means. You can guiltlessly have your cake and eat it too… especially if your diet outside of that cake is maintained well. So let’s conclude the list below!

Curry N Kabab
Indian food is a staple for many healthy eaters, especially when vegetarian options can be found in large numbers. With a buffet option, getting your fill of delicious curry and kababs at Curry N Kabab has never been easier. Though a limited buffet (mostly to ensure freshness), the provided food is absolutely scrumptious. The chili chicken is a favorite of visitors, recommended by many. The chicken tikki masala is just as great, with complex flavors with great depth. If you happen to visit during a sunny May day, a mango lassi is a perfectly refreshing cure for the heat. The restaurant also brings out fresh naan for diners rather than letting them sit and dine out. Curry N Kaba is a great option for a casual lunch.

Mellow Mushroom
With a bit of a retro vibe inside, Mellow Mushroom provides pizza that’s delicious and still good for you. With options from hummus to caprese salad, there’s something to please anyone and any diet. The ingredients are all natural, leaving you feeling full but not weighed down after indulging in a few slices. While the healthiness level depends on specific choices, Mellow Mushroom provides the options you need to get a bit of leafiness for the day.

And that concludes our healthy local eating feature! Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite go-to salad spots.

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