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Much like Liberty Lagoon, which we covered last month, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum is a spectacular part of Baton Rouge that we at Cherry Creek live near. Since the summer is the perfect time to get familiar with local museums, we thought we’d take a moment to highlight this special place of entertainment and education. You can visit their website here for information, hours, and details about future exhibitions.

Their mission? We’ll let the museum speak for itself: “Louisiana Art & Science Museum seeks to enhance the understanding and appreciation of art and science for general audiences and students by presenting unique, educational and entertaining experiences that encourage discovery, inspire creativity, and foster the pursuit of knowledge.”

Let’s take a quick look at what they have to offer this month! Keep in mind that these are temporary exhibits that will change.

The Art of Warner Brothers Cartoons
Through July 24, 2016
Through the season, the Louisiana Art and Science Museum is taking a look at animation as it has evolved. This is a part of the feature, with a specific look at the Art and animation of Warner Bros. From favorites like Bugs Bunny to Daffy Duck and onwards, take a closer look at these pop culture legends up close!

The Origins of Animation: A Hands-on Exhibit
Through August 07, 2016
Seeing the technology that developed in order to achieve visual effects is a fascinating thing. The Origins of Animation exhibit takes visitors into a detailed history of the magic lantern, zoetrope, the thaumatrope, cartoons, flipbooks, and more. Take a look at some of the first animations ever developed in this fantastic exhibit!

A Universe in Glass: Josh Simpson
Through August 03
The talented artist Josh Simpson captures the universe in these sculptures made entirely of glass. Inspired by the night sky, Simpson has created stunningly colorful works in traditional forms such as vases, goblets, bowls, and platters, as well as a few more unconventional pieces. Make sure to check out this unique showcase today.

Have you visited the Louisiana Art and Science Museum before? Let us know your favorite exhibit in the comment section!

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