Find Great Apartments Near Southern University Of Baton Rouge

Whether you’re going back to school or venturing out to college for the first time, Southern University is a great college to be a part of! Founded in 1880, the university provides opportunities for diverse students seeking a high-quality and global educational experience, engaging in studious research, creative activities, and even community service. No matter where they go after college, it is SUBR’s goal that all graduates be well-informed, productive, and engage citizens. At Cherry Creek Apartments, we are proud to provide affordable homes for students looking for apartments near Southern University of Baton Rouge. 

Start Your Semester Off Right

With great success in majors such as nursing, criminal justice, and psychology, it’s no wonder you’re excited to start your college education at Southern! Just remember to stay on track and keep your ultimate goal in mind. It’s natural to procrastinate and become preoccupied with social lives or work. Sometimes all it takes is determination and purposeful decisions to help you stay focused. Start by arranging your apartment and finding the best way to communicate with your roommate. Those are the first steps to studying successfully after moving into your new home.

Be Financially Savvy

As a student, it’s important to save money. We understand—it’s easy to get caught up in living beyond what you can afford. Developing good habits in school puts you on track for success even after graduation. You see, when you start working your first job and earning more money than ever before, you might be tempted to overspend. It pays to have financial discipline!

In addition to good money habits, try to save on your monthly expenses—such as rent. The Cherry Creek Apartments near Southern University Baton Rouge are just right for you. Our prices are some of the most affordable in town!

  • Lambert: One-bedroom, one-bath, and 624 sq ft. $550 a month. 
  • Sweetheart: One-bedroom, one-bath, 662 sq ft. $625 a month.
  • Satina: Two-bedroom, one-bath, 931 sq ft. $700 a month.
  • Black Stone: Two-bedroom, two-baths, 971 sq ft. $700 a month.
  • Morello: Two-bedroom, two-baths,t 1,033 sq ft. $755 a month.
  • Napoleon: Three-bedroom, two-baths, 1,200 sq ft. $845 a month.
  • Rainier: Three-bedroom, two-baths, 1,368 sq ft. $900 a month. 

Start Your Next Semester With Confidence! 

In addition to our fantastic rent prices, we have other amenities that you will find convenient and helpful. With all these great features, students are set for success at Cherry Creek Apartments near Southern University of Baton Rouge. Contact us today to learn more about availability and offerings. As you go into your next semester, know that you have everything you need to be successful in school. We’ll be supporting you every step of the way!

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