Apartments Near Southern University

Benefits Of Living Near Campus

When it comes time to decide on your living arrangements for college, choosing an apartment near campus gives you a wide range of benefits. If you’re attending Southern University, Cherry Creek very well may be the apartment for you. Choosing these apartments near Southern University puts you in an advantageous position. But how? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of choosing apartments near Southern University.


Close Access To To School 

Being just minutes away from your university allows you to be more active in the on-goings of campus. You can be a part of your university’s community without the hassle of being far away. This includes all your on-campus activities, such as clubs and guest-speakers. It’s easy integrating into your campus community when you live minutes away! 


Access To School Resources

But of course, less travel time also means more time to study. Choosing to live in apartments near Southern University will give you faster access to your school’s resources. That means anything from library access to making your professor’s office hours. Living this close to Southern University’s campus puts you in a position to better manage in all your classes. 


Affordable Housing

Sometimes the surrounding apartments near a university will jack their prices up solely due to their location. But that’s never the case at Cherry Creek apartments. We offer you comfortable and affordable housing all on a student’s budget. It doesn’t matter what your price range is, Cherry Creek Apartments offers a variety of options when it comes to floor plans and amenities. The fact these apartments are near Southern University makes it a perfect option for students on a budget. Check out what floorplans we have to offer below:

  • Lambert: One-bedroom, one-bath, and 624 sq ft. $550 a month. 
  • Sweetheart: One-bedroom, one-bath, 662 sq ft. $625 a month.
  • Satina: Two-bedroom, one-bath, 931 sq ft. $700 a month.
  • Black Stone: Two-bedroom, two-baths, 971 sq ft. $700 a month.
  • Morello: Two-bedroom, two-baths,t 1,033 sq ft. $755 a month.
  • Napoleon: Three-bedroom, two-baths, 1,200 sq ft. $845 a month.
  • Rainier: Three-bedroom, two-baths, 1,368 sq ft. $900 a month.

We offer some of the most affordable and competitive rates in Baton Rouge. Find out more about Cherry Creek and see why we’re the perfect choice for any student.


Affordable Apartments Near Southern University

Our team at Cherry Creek Apartments is waiting to help you out. For all leasing inquiries, please call us at (225) 217-6655 or send us a message online. However, if you already know what you need, feel free to apply online, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. For all you Jags that need an apartment near the Southern University campus, give us a ring today! We’re happy to have you as part of our community.

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