Everything You Need At These Affordable Baton Rouge Apartments

With more news of the virus around the globe every day, we’re all living in uncertain times. But one thing is certain. If you’re looking for affordable Baton Rouge apartments, you should be looking at Cherry Creek Apartments. Whether it be when spring has sprung, autumn has fallen, or just when there’s a reason to stay inside, there’s no better place to stay in May than Cherry Creek!

Social Distancing In Style!

Cherry Creek Apartments come with all the features you need to live comfortably. With sleek modern lighting, washers and dryers for all your clothing needs, and big beautiful windows to fill your apartment with natural light—you’ll be able to enjoy everything the start of summer has to offer from the tranquility of your couch! Don’t fret about space for your belongings either. Because each Cherry Creek apartment comes with ample closet space that can house all your worldly goods as comfortably.

Shared Spaces For A Breath Of Fresh Air!

The fine things you can find in these new affordable Baton Rouge apartments aren’t the only great thing we offer. There’s also the available shared spaces! From a brand-new playscape to a host of social activities for residents—you’re never far from the fun. And when it comes time for you to get down to business, we have what you need at the ready! With maintenance available 24 hours a day, plus a management office on-site, there’s nearly no problem that we can’t solve for you! Combine this with a beautifully manicured lawn and a convenient location just off Florida Boulevard, and what you have is a home you won’t want to leave!

Staying Inside? Bring Your Furry Friends!

At Cherry Creek, we don’t just pride ourselves on being some of the most affordable Baton rouge apartments around, we also pride ourselves on our accommodations. For example, we take great lengths to keep the apartments as pet friendly as possible. Thanks to our well-landscaped lawn and two nearby parks (The Raising Cane’s dog park and the Burbank Dog Park) your new apartment is a welcoming place for the four-legged friends in your life! There are a few restrictions on what breeds of dogs are acceptable, so please review the list of acceptable breeds before applying!

Making the Choice That’s Right For Your Wallet

When choosing a place you’re going to live, the perks are important but and affordability makes it all the more sweeter. Do you want roommates, or do you have a family tagging along? Whatever your situation, there’s a plan for you! 

From single bedrooms starting at $585, the Lambert is the premiere example for those on a budget. But if you need a bit more space, the premier two-bedroom, two-bathroom Morello is available for just $775 a month! For those who need even more in the way of legroom, as well as an additional bedroom on top of the previous offering, the Rainer is our top of the line offering at an affordable price of $950!

With so many stupendous options at such outrageous prices, there’s every reason to apply today! If you have any questions about our apartments, please give us a call or send us a message online. We’re happy to help.

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