Roommate Tips for 2 Bedroom Apartments in North Baton Rouge

When moving into a two-bedroom apartment with someone for the first time, you might be concerned. There are enough horror stories about moving in with bad roommates to make some people never want to live with someone else. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. Some people might need financial help with monthly expenses and others may require more social interaction at home. With the right mindset and some helpful advice from Cherry Creek Apartments, you can reduce the chances of a bad roommate situation. 

1. Pick Someone You Trust

Creating a peaceful roommate situation starts before you sign the lease. You need to be extremely mindful when considering possible roommates. Avoid picking your closest friend. They might be a wonderful best friend, but sharing space might be drastically different. You don’t want to put a treasured friendship at risk. 

A good roommate is someone whom you trust, share like-minded habitation habits with, and feel comfortable around. Habitation habits are the way you live and function on a day-to-day basis. Things like how clean you prefer the home, general routines, and social lives could fall under habitation habits. Even the way you prefer to decorate the space is an important consideration. Living with someone who lives similarly to you could prevent many arguments. 

2. Ask Questions and Set Expectations 

In the early days of living with someone, it would be smart to sit down and discuss how you both can be good roommates. Sharing a two-bedroom apartment in north Baton Rouge puts you right at the center of a bustling social setting, but it also puts you in close quarters with roommates. Balancing the space and your lifestyles in a way that mutually benefits you both requires communication. For example, you might not particularly care about sharing groceries, but your roommate might care or prefer you to ask. It’s better to learn these things through conversations now rather than over an argument later. 

3. Share the Chores for 2 Bedroom Apartments in North Baton Rouge

One of the biggest issues between roommates is a mutual responsibility for housework. Sometimes, it can be a tricky balancing act to make sure everyone is happy and splitting the workload fairly. One good way of going about this is creating a chore wheel with deadlines. This way, everyone pulls their weight but can mentally fit the tasks into their schedule. Your two-bedroom apartment in North Baton Rouge can be cleaned with a little teamwork! 

4. Learn the Importance of Comprising and Consideration 

The last piece of advice is remembering the value of compromising and being considerate. If you don’t agree on something with your roommate, reaching a compromise can prevent your two-bedroom apartment from becoming a war zone. Another way to avoid tension is to be mindful of your roommate’s needs. If they have an important or stressful day coming up, it would be rude to invite friends over and be noisy late at night. Treat your roommate how you’d want to be treated. 

Are You and Your Roommate Looking for 2 Bedroom Apartments in North Baton Rouge? 

If you are looking for an apartment complex to move into with your roommate, Cherry Creek Apartments has three two-bedroom floor plans to choose from. All are great options, but deciding between The Satina, The Blackstone, and The Morello depends on your personal needs. If you have questions or would like to set up a tour, please call us at (225) 275-7111 or contact us online. We hope to hear from you or your roommate soon!

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