Save More By Keeping Your Utility Bill Low

Remembering to turn the lights off is hard enough, but no one likes breaking the bank for their monthly utility bills. And if it continues, these monthly bills feel like they pile up and never stop coming. But did you know there are easy steps you can take to cut those bills down substantially? Our experts at Cherry Creek have compiled a short guide to help you get a handle on otherwise daunting utility bills. And remember, if you’re looking for affordable apartments in Baton Rouge, be sure to check out our available units.


Cool Down Your Electric Bill

There are several ways you can reduce the costs associated with your electric bill. A large portion of your monthly utility bill is based on your heating and cooling usage. You can save money on your utility bill by merely lowering or raising the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees, depending on the season. If it’s a cool day, consider turning your thermostat off and opening a window. Limiting the amount of time your AC is running is one of the quickest ways to dramatically reduce your electricity usage. This dramatically cuts the cost of your electricity bill.


Don’t Forget The Lights

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 5% of the average American household’s energy consumption is lighting. By switching over to LED lights, you’ll use substantially less energy than you would with a standard light bulb. Some LED light bulbs can last over 10 years. This not only saves you money on light bulbs, but it also saves you money on your electricity bill. 

Even with the most energy-efficient light bulbs, nothing cuts costs like simply turning off lights/electronics in rooms when you’re not using them. When you’re not actively in a room, be sure to turn off the lights, fan, and any electronics that might be on. We even encourage you to unplug devices from the wall as some devices still use power when they’re turned off.


Start Saving More Money 

Saving money can be as simple as cutting costs out of your monthly budget. With these simple tips, you can save a load on your monthly utility bills. If you want to further save money on your living expenses, consider living at Cherry Creek! Our affordable apartments in Baton Rouge not only save you money on rent, but we also offer a range of amenities that come included with your lease! 


Affordable Apartments In Baton Rouge

Affordable monthly rent rates at Cherry Creek help you prioritize your savings without sacrificing convenience. Coupled with these cost-saving tips for your utility bill, you’ll be well on your way to maximize your savings. Stop by today to set up a tour, or fill out a form online to get in contact with us! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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